Coast and Country
Geology Walks in and around Dorset

compiled by members of the
Dorset Geologists' Association Group

published April 2003 (sold out)
to celebrate 10 years of the DGAG
Now available as a CD
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The walks print out in A4 pdf  versions suitable for individual or group outings
The chapters are contributed by various levels of geological knowledge but all  are written by members who are thoroughly familiar with the areas they have covered.  They will all have been checked by members, using the chapters, to visit the areas they personally don't know.  One way or another some 60% of members have been involved one way or the other so far
There are 17 authors and 30 walks, including a couple of longer car drives which include walks.  We have, inevitably, much of Dorset's World Heritage Coast but extend beyond its boundaries. Some 40% of the expeditions are inland, including RIGS and landforms.  We have also included some sites from the borders with the surrounding counties of Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire if only because
geology has no borders!

sponsors for the book were
Geologists' Association, the Environment Agency,  West Dorset District Council,
Dorset County Council, East Devon District Council
Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
English Nature, Wessex Water

The British Geological Survey kindly waived fees required for copyright where their maps have been used

The CD label and the insert can be personalised if required as here for the Open University Geological Society at no extra cost