Dorset GA/Wessex OUGS Field Visit
Antrim and Donegal 17-24th August 2009
photo 15:
raised beach features
photo 16:
rotational slip
on old cliff line
photo 17:
Cushendall breccia and sandstone
photo 18:
Cushendall conglomerate
photo 19:
Red Arch conglomerate.
photo 20:
conglomerate at Cushedun
photo 32:
photo 31:
Slieve League
photo 30:
Muckross waves
photo 29:
washout structure
photo 28:
schist conglomerate boundary
photo 27:
Dalradian schist
photo 26:
Rinn Point
photo 24:
crinoid stems
photo 23:
photo 22:
solitary coral
photo 21:
Barnsmore Gap
photo 25:
echinoid plates
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