Dorset GA/Wessex OUGS Field Visit
Antrim and Donegal 17-24th August 2009
photo 33:
meta-dolorite Dalradian contact
photo 34:
cross-bedding showing inverted strata

photo 35:
load structure showing inversion

photo 36:
Fahan slate bedding and cleavage
photo 37:
ripple marks south of White Strand
photo 38:
plunging fold with bedding and cleavage White Strand

photo 39:
Mamore Gap
photo 45:

photo 45:
basalt dyke through chalk

photo 43:
Inishowen Grits with micro-folding

photo 42:
spheroidal weathering
photo 41:
weathered pyrite
photo 40:
folding in turbidites.
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