slide 43 Basal Shell Bed, bottom of unit,  Freshwater Cove Portland ppl x 60 MRH
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slide 56 Portland Stone 1.2 m below top of Portland Freestone, Freshwater Cove Portland ppl x 30 MRH
slide 71 Lower Purbeck Top Cap? above Freshwater Cove Portland, ppl x 30 MRH
slide No 6 Lower Lias West of the Cobb Lyme Regis  ppl x 30 MRH
slide No 9 Lower Lias West of the Cobb Lyme Regis  xpl x 50 MRH
slide No 18 Lower Lias Birchis Tabular top of Shales with Beef west of top CP, Lyme Regis  ppl x 30 MRH
Poorly washed biosparite (50/50 sparite/micrite) & probably originally biomicrite/wackestone.

Biomicrite /wackestone (10% allochems)
shell fragments

Biomicrite /wackestone (10% allochems)
shell fragments

Serpulid worm tubes in cross section.
Micritic envelopes with sparite filled tubes.
Sparite cement.

Oosparite/ooid grainstone.

probably thin shelled ostracod fragments - pelsparite - peloids contain ostracod shells.

slide No 24 Marlstone Rock Bed, top Plienbachian Middle Lias East of Eype Mouth xpl x 50 PB

Biomicrite - wackestone / packstone (ferruginous calcilutite < 63 microns silt & clay sized carbonates)
Shell fragments: at top - micrite filled borings in bivalve shell, foraminifera & echinoid debris.

Unconsolidated specimen with angular quartz & shell sand with mica flakes, in clear matrix of fe carbonate & interstital clay.

slide 25 Bridport Sands, cliffs to east of West Bay beach ppl x 50 MRH
fe ooidal structure with limonite coating to some of the angular quartz grains.
Some quartz coating to ooid.

slide 30 Abbotsbury Iron Ore Jubilee Coppice Abbotsbury, ppl x 50 MRH
Oyster shell in quartz grains (anhedral) set in micritic cement,
see Plate 12 C in
Geology of the Dorset Coast
Prof. MRH

slide 35 Blacknore Sandstone, Tar Rocks Portland MRH
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