National Grid Reference SY 3692 9304
Stonebarrow, east of Charmouth, Dorset, UK
photographs Alan Holiday, text Ramues Gallois
March 2009
March 2010
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This sequence of photos was taken by a Dutch? tourist February 2001 after the wettest winter on record.  He was photographing the cliffs  east of Charmouth from the Charmouth Heritage Centre.  Fortunately he had a camera with an automatic trigger. (photographs provided by Sam Scriven, CHC)
January 2006
Professor Denys Brunsden with some of his work towards designation of the Dorset and East Devon World Heritage Site. The right hand photograph is one of a series of Stonebarrow that Denys took in 1969.  The left hand photo was taken by Hugh Prudden
Slips on Stonebarrow in March 1983. Photograph by Keith Moore, the then Headmaster of Rousden School
Cain's Folly, Stonebarrow, date unknown, photograph by Aerofilms,
slide from Prof M R House collection
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